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Seattle personal injury attorneys

Seattle Personal Injury Attorneys

Get help for your injuries by hiring a Seattle personal injury lawyer in Washington now. Paglialunga & Harris, handles cases where a person has been seriously injured by someone's carelessness, or by an unsafe product, pharmaceutical medication, or medical device. We handle cases nationwide and charge no fees unless we are successful in obtaining a financial recovery for you. Whether you need a Seattle car accident lawyer, have a wrongful death case, or you need national representation as a result of a dangerous drug or medical device, you can contact us and receive a free confidential case evaluation.



$6.1 Million settlement for injury caused by dangerous product.

$4.5 Million trial damage award against driver. Car accident case involving brain injury and injury to parent-child relationship.

$3,155,000 for tenant who sustained brain injuries from a fall when an unsafe deck railing collapsed. The settlement is the largest known recorded settlement in the history of Mason County.

$2.8 Million for quadriplegia car accident victim in highway design case.

$1.18 Million settlement for serious injury caused in auto collision.

Personal Injury Lawyer on Benzene Exposure

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Personal Injury Lawyer on Benzene Exposure

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PH Law Firm Settles Brain Injury case for $3.155 Million...
PH Law Firm settles case for brain injured man for the three million one hundred...
Car and Truck Accidents claim lives and ...
Car and Truck Accidents caused by negligent driving. The following tragic car a...
Semi Truck Accidents show need for legis...
These tragic stories bring attention to the need for greater legislative regulat...
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